A trio of the best known names in water treatment have combined forces to provide a comprehensive on-board systems ‘health check’ service for superyachts visiting the Cote d’Azur.

Just one call to the hotline (Tel +33 (0) 493 74 29 29) in Antibes brings the expertise of HEM, Cathelco and Hamann AG to sort out problems quickly and make a professional assessment of current and future needs.

“It’s a fast, co-ordinated service which provides an experienced engineer with a broad understanding of HEM, Cathelco and Hamann AG equipment”, said Chris Bell, general manager of HEM.

The engineer can service and repair HEM desalinators, water softeners and sterilisers. Whilst on-board, water samples can be taken for analysis by an independent laboratory (required for MLC certification) and the engineer can also examine Cathelco marine growth prevention (MGPS) and hull corrosion protection (ICCP) systems. Furthermore, Hamann sewage systems can be checked for effective operation.

“It’s all about speed, convenience and having someone who has an overview of the three types of systems and how they relate to one another”, Chris Bell explained.

Another aspect of the service is that customers can economise by bulk buying HEM filter cartridges. These will be stored in Antibes and delivered to superyachts anywhere along the Cote d’ Azur when replacements are required.

HEM, whose headquarters is on the outskirts of Antibes, was acquired by Cathelco in 2015, both companies have a natural affinity with Hamann in the water treatment market.

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