This video shows you how to install a marine growth prevention system (MGPS) in a yacht’s strainer. Garry Churm, a technical manager at Cathelco, the world’s largest manufacturer of MGPS systems, takes you through each step from installing the anode in the strainer lid to making the electrical connections. He then explains how to check the electrical settings and make sure that everything is working properly. Anyone who has suffered the frustration of mussel blockages in the seawater pipework serving engines will understand why a Cathelco MGPS system is a good investment, saving time and maintenance costs. Cathelco is now part of Evac, a company with a portfolio of cleantech solutions for yachts.

About the Evac Group

Evac is the world’s leading provider of integrated water and waste management systems, as well as corrosion protection systems for the marine, offshore, and building industries. Our cutting-edge solutions and services have been helping leading global players in these industries to significantly reduce their environmental footprint for 40 years. With offices in 14 countries across four continents and representatives in more than 70 countries, we pride ourselves on being close to our customers wherever in the world they are located.

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