The new hot water system designed by Cathelco/HEM is attracting considerable interest in the yachting industry where the ability to eliminate limescale and regenerate hot water more quickly are seen as major advantages.

“The response from yachtbuilders has been very enthusiastic. They all recognise that limescale is a problem and some already have considered the use of a ‘tank-in-tank’ system to avoid it. They particularly like the idea that we can supply the system as a complete package which simplifies installation”, said Chris Bell, managing director of HEM.

The fifth installation of a hot water system is currently taking place at the Pendennis Shipyard in the United Kingdom, where a 75 metre luxury yacht is being refitted. The system consists of two 36kW boilers connected to two 600 litre cylinders with the capacity to deliver 2,684 litres of hot water an hour.

Unlike conventional hot water systems where the heating elements are in direct contact with the water passing through the system, the Cathelco/HEM equipment uses a ‘tank-in-tank’ technology. The cold water entering the inner tank is completely surrounded by a jacket of hot water which raises the temperature very quickly. Also, there is no direct contact with the elements which eliminates troublesome limescale which can block taps and shower heads.

“Premature element failure due to the build-up of limescale is a common problem on luxury yachts which is time consuming and expensive to rectify”, Chris Bell explained.

The hot water systems are often supplied as part of larger Cathelco/HEM equipment package as is the case at Pendennis. Here the scope of supply includes a new reverse osmosis desalinator, fresh water skid and water softening unit.

Another order for a hot water system has come from the Fassmer shipyard in Germany where a 70 metre yacht has been refitted. The system for this vessel consists of two 28kW boilers connected to two 320 litre cylinders with the ability to supply 2,128 litres of hot water an hour. In addition, HEM supplied a 30 Duplex desalinator and a fresh water skid to improve the quality of the water, plus a Pure R.O. which is used to create technical water.

“The feedback that we are getting from yachts which have already installed the system is very encouraging. It’s a very versatile system that can be scaled to any size of vessel by using more boilers and cylinders, so there is plenty of scope for future sales”, commented Chris Bell.

In late April, Cathelco/HEM will be promoting the hot water system at the Palma Yacht Show. For this event, Echo Marine, Cathelco’s service centre in Palma, will be sharing a stand with Precision Marine, the company’s long standing agent in the Balearic market.