Sterilising & Protection

Water sterilisation is an essential health requirement to which HEM provide the following solutions

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Proportional chlorine dosing unit

Consisting of a dosing unit and a flow meter, the HEM chlorine dosing system is used to introduce Hadex into the yacht’s water supply. Hadex is a safe and effective chlorine based product which disinfects tanks and pipelines. Completely automatic in operation, the dosing unit comes within a frame or in kit form where space is limited.

  • Designed for dosing water with Hadex disinfectant.
  • Completely automatic in operation.
  • Available in frame or modular form.

Silver ion and copper steriliser Type SI/SCI

This steriliser produces a combination of silver and copper ions which are more effective than silver alone in the disinfection of potable water systems. The ions are produced as the result of electrolysis and fed into the fresh water system. The unit is completely automatic in operation to avoid the risk of over dosing.

  • Sterilises water using silver and copper ions.
  • Operates via water counter in freshwater pipe to vessel’s tank.
  • Water containing silver ions is injected into flow at prescribed intervals.
  • Simple, safe and effective.

Silver ion steriliser Type SIS B40

Robustly made and economically priced, this silver ion steriliser has a number of features which make it easy to install and use.

  • Very compact design with user friendly interface.
  • Easy to change/replace electrode.
  • Fully automatic proportional dosing.
  • Alarm for system failure/low electrode.
  • Fail safe valve prevents water entering system due to malfunction.

UV steriliser Type Ultra

Disinfection by means of ultraviolet is a well proven method of killing pathogens and micro-organisms without the use of chemicals. One of the advantages is that it does not impart any smell or taste to the drinking water. The steriliser unit is fitted between the fresh water tank and the water distribution system for the vessel.

  • Effective method of killing pathogens and micro-organisms.
  • Does not impart any smell or taste to the water.
  • Does not involve the use of chemicals.
  • Requires minimal attention and maintenance.

HEM ozone generator

Ozone is a powerful oxidation agent used for the purification of air in ventilation systems, pump stations, garbage areas and large rooms with poor air quality. The ozone is produced from ambient air as oxygen passes the corona discharge electrode.

  • Compact design for easy installation.
  • Automatic in operation.
  • Can be supplied with ozone sensors.